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Any of various pressure components contained in a pneumatic system

Wuxi Puxin Machinery Factory | Updated: Aug 21, 2017

For slitting machine, it directly uses many pneumatic components, and the air pressure system can provide sufficient power for the slitting machine. The pressure system generally includes the pressure cylinder, speed control valve, shuttle valve, pressure reducing valve and solenoid valve and manual valve.

Slitting machine pneumatic cylinder, it is from the device to the power function, it is vulnerable parts of gas seal, so when in operation, if the exercise capacity of pneumatic cylinder has declined, they are likely to cause direct damage to gas seal. After testing and determination, we can deal with it accordingly.

The speed regulating valve is a pneumatic component used in a slitting machine to control the speed of the cylinder directly. It regulates and regulates the flow of gas.

The shuttle valve is used only when the slitter is braking. In most cases, the single entry one-way valve structure is used only to it.

Pressure reducing valve is used for system pressure or branch pressure for local decompression device, if the cutting machine in the diaphragm wear, the pressure reducing valve will appear failure or leakage phenomenon.

Slitting machine

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