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Application and process flow of hydraulic automatic uncoiler

Wuxi Puxin Machinery Factory | Updated: Jun 09, 2018

The automatic hydraulic automatic uncoiling machine is mainly used for the previous process of the leveling machine. In cooperation with the work, the roll material is free to roll on the movable shaft seats of the left and right boxes, and the roll material is opened. The steel plate advances to the leveling machine on the conveyor frame to prepare for the next process. The automatic hydraulic automatic unwinding mandrel shaft connects four sector plates through four dovetail slots on the end face.


In automatic hydraulic automatic decoiling machine, each sector plate can use the radial slide at the tail end to avoid the problem of axial turbulence, but it can achieve radial expansion and contraction. A rotary oil cylinder is connected to the end of the spool shaft, and the piston rod of the cylinder drives the axially sliding of the front quadrangular shaft through the pull rod in the center of the spool shaft to drive the radial expansion and contraction of the sector plate. The drum can be increased in nominal diameter with an additional four sector plates.


In actual work, the frame of the hydraulic automatic uncoiling machine can move on the guide rail of the base, and corresponding actions will be issued under the action of the hydraulic cylinder to achieve central position control. In order to strengthen the stability of the reel, a support arm device is designed at the head of the reel. When there is a reel on the reel, the support arm is driven by an oil cylinder to hold the head of the reel, and the support arm is usually retracted, not the steel coil. The volume was adversely affected.


We know that the hydraulic automatic uncoiling machine is mainly used for leveling processing of various metal plates, for example, can be used for leveling line steel plate, uneven plate can be composed according to the relevant configuration decoiling, leveling, shearing production line and other sheet products production line . It has been applied to different fields such as machinery, vehicles, metal products, household appliances, steel structures, and decoration.


In the process of hydraulic automatic decoiling machine, its main process flow can be summarized as follows: the feeding trolley starts the feeding coil - the unwinding machine tensions the coil - the material head decoiler introduces the material head of the coil material into the feeder - leveling Precision Leveling - Oil-operated Looper Transition Heads and Tail, and Speeds of Matching Levelers and CNC Feeders - Guides - Digital Feeders for Feeding Feeds - Shears Transverse Shear - Belt Conveyors - Palletizing - Hydraulic System - Electronic Control System.



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