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Application of hydraulic lifting platform and its rise and fall of the principle

Wuxi Puxin Machinery Factory | Updated: Dec 30, 2017

With the development of technology in the industry and the ever-increasing degree of mechanization, more and more work has begun to use modern machinery and equipment instead of human handwork, which not only reduces labor intensity but also greatly improves labor efficiency. Hydraulic lifting platform is a mechanized lifting equipment,


Only need to be fixed to the hydraulic lift platform or plane, you can help to achieve the automatic rise or fall cycle noon. The optimized design of the hydraulic lifting platform overcomes the defects of the prior art. Because it adopts a compact closed busway closed steel structure, the outer shell of the motor and wire rope are enclosed therein, which is not easy to aging and corrosion and prolongs the service life.


At the same time, hydraulic lifting platform can not only be used together with other mechanical equipment, but also can be used alone, widely used, simple operation, low price, is an ideal lifting equipment, has been widely used in building decoration, installation of air conditioning and so on .


Of course, hydraulic lifting platform can also be made into various types to meet the needs of the market. The key is its use is very simple, the process of its rise is the card lock piston cavity into the oil, the card body lock support rod, into a card lock piston cavity back to the oil, the card body to relax; the next card locking piston cavity into the oil , The card body is locked in the support rod, the card locks the piston cavity to return oil, and the card body is loose. Under the action of the main spring force, the main piston cavity returns to the pneumatic butterfly valve, and the hydraulic lifting platform will be restored to its original position.


When the hydraulic lifting platform needs to descend, the card body is locked on the supporting rod, the card locking piston cavity returns to the oil, relaxes on the card body, the main piston cavity enters the oil, and the main driving piston of the card body moves downward, and the card The locking piston cavity is filled with the oil card body, and the locking support rod is locked; the card locks the piston cavity to return oil, the lower card body releases the main piston cavity, and the hydraulic lifting platform moves downward under the action of the main spring force and gravity.


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