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Automatic hydraulic decoiler machine composition and operation steps

Wuxi Puxin Machinery Factory | Updated: Dec 23, 2017

From a structural point of view, it was found that the automatic hydraulic decoiler machine more than the traditional uncoiler pressing arm, hydraulic expansion device and hydraulic loading trolley and other devices, and more help to improve the feeding, the use of convenient and uncoiled stability Not only that, in order to facilitate the operation of automatic hydraulic uncoiler, it is also equipped with a handle box control.


To know that the automatic hydraulic uncoiler handle box equipped with hydraulic loading trolley operation and open-book operation mode selection knob; and to further simplify the operation process, the handle box with a trolley up and down operation, trolley forward and backward and unwinding Tight contraction shrink three kinds of functions, according to different requirements to choose different functions.


In actual use, as long as the automatic hydraulic decoiler machine handle box set in manual mode, you can control. First, raise the pressure arm of the automatic hydraulic uncoiler and shrink the shrink drum, and then set the width of the material into the inside of the block A-type iron, after adjustment to be done after the uncoiler material installed material center and follow-up leveling machine and The centerline of the feeder is aligned.


Then use crane or forklift to place the material on the V-shaped loading platform of the automatic hydraulic uncoiler, and operate the handle operation box to make the material move to the material rack and just close to the side of the membrane Guide arm; then you can expand the rack up reel, lowering the material arm, pull out the coil arm position adjustment down hand wheel.


And then adjust the outer side of the side of the block material A-type iron position, by operating the automatic hydraulic uncoiler rack forward rotation, the rack reverse the material head position adjustment, cut in the appropriate position of the material packaging tape to complete the automatic hydraulic Uncoiler whole uncoiling process debugging operation.


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