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Brief overview and main features of coil slitter unit

Wuxi Puxin Machinery Factory | Updated: Jun 08, 2018

In the coil slitting process, the coil slitter unit is required to operate. So, do you know what the composition of the coil slitter unit is? Next we briefly analyze this issue and hope to deepen our understanding.


We know that in the coil cutting machine group, equipment including coiler, slitter mainframe and electronic control system are mainly included. The frame structure of the unwinding machine adopts steel plate welding and annealing and setting; the body type is single cantilever; the reel shrinking mode is manual expansion and the reel braking is disc brake.


In the coil slitter operation, host equipment plays an important role in the entire process. The frame structure of the mainframe is divided into steel plate and channel steel group, and it is annealed and fixed; the body type is the connecting body of the slitting machine and the winder; the transmission mode is motor-reducer-sprocket-clutch; both sides Guide wheel type, using manual width adjustment on both sides.


We know that the so-called coil slitter mainly divides the mother roll material into narrower materials as required. With the improvement of the technical level, the device has a roll-off photoelectric correction function, which ensures a high cutting accuracy. The control mode is divided into two levels, manual and automatic.


In practical applications, there are two types of coiling methods for coil separators, namely surface coiling and center coiling. Retractable roll tension is controlled by automatic tension; the control method is tension feedback control and taper control. For the user, the device is equipped with two kinds of slitting tools such as circular knife cutting and air knife cutting. The quality is reliable and adjustment is convenient. And the use of surface center winding, coiling quality is uniform and stable.


Not only that, in the process of operating the coil cutter, it also has a fixed-length automatic shutdown function, and the cutting length is automatically metered. The device also has a trimming device, edge material discharged by the fan. Therefore, the slitter can be used for slitting different coil materials.


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