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Causes of abnormal cutting in slitting

Wuxi Puxin Machinery Factory | Updated: Sep 16, 2017

The notch shape of the longitudinal shear strip is related to the material, tensile strength, elongation, hardness and heat treatment state of the sheared material. The shape of the blade is determined after the cutting conditions such as the clearance and the amount of overlap are selected. If you do not press the cut-off conditions, you can not get the normal shape of the incision.

In the process of longitudinal cutting, sometimes the finished products will appear cut abnormal incision phenomenon, this will have a great impact on our production, the following are common causes of abnormal cutting incision:

(1) bad edge

A: knife clearance, overlap setting undesirable edge defects.

The edge defects produced by the crushing of the B: section: the edges and edges of the cut of the spacer sheet are strongly rubbed against the edges of the steel coil.

C: tool resulted in bad edge:

1, tool defects caused by bad

2, the tool side sintering bad

3, tool edge wear bad

D: coiling machine pull plate caused by excessive abnormal edge bad: Czochralski process, because the winder tension is too large, the vibration causes the cutter shaft of the edge of the bad.

(2) bad burr:

Burrs caused by excessive clearance of A knives

B burr produced by tool wear

Burrs produced by the extrusion of the C separator (especially the burr on the side of the indentation)

(3) lateral buckling:

Lateral buckling of A aprons with small external diameters

The lateral buckling resulting from insufficient B layering

C stretch bars are not strong enough to produce lateral buckling in the middle

D tension roller produces excessive lateral warping

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