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Characteristics of silicon steel slitting machine

Wuxi Puxin Machinery Factory | Updated: Jan 04, 2018

The silicon steel slitting machine is a suitable machine for the longitudinal shearing of metal materials. It also rewound the slitted strips into a roll. After practice, fully proved that the silicon steel slitting machine with easy operation, cutting high quality, high material utilization, cutting speed stepless speed control and other advantages.


From a structural point of view, silicon steel slitting machine includes a storage station, Winding trolley, uncoiler and several other parts, of which storage station is used to store the raw materials to be processed; and Winding trolley is responsible for storing the storage station The standby raw materials into the uncoiler, and by rising, falling, moving back and forth and other functions into the open reel.


The unwinding device in silicon steel slitting machine adopts single-cantilever structure. Under the condition of large weight of raw material, it is only necessary to add auxiliary support at the end of unwinding reel. Moreover, the uncoiler base usually has the function of moving back and forth along the parallel direction of the single machine, which can effectively and quickly complete the alignment of raw materials and improve the accuracy of slitting.


Such a device, is very suitable for use as a cold-rolled coil, stainless steel, Caitu volumes, tinplate and other materials, cutting equipment, can be achieved in the strip thickness of 0.3-3mm, coiling width 1850mm, vertical Cut width 30mm.


Silicon steel slitting machine to meet the requirements of different materials, slitting products from the slitting can be better applied to the actual processing, greatly improving the utilization of the material, not only reduces waste, but also for business with To greater efficiency.


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