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Circuit control and installation requirements for high speed steel coil cutting line

Wuxi Puxin Machinery Factory | Updated: Jul 02, 2018

The tension control of high-speed steel coil cutting line is accurate and simple in the process of operation. To a certain extent, it can effectively prevent the equipment from placing the material in the unwinding group. The high-speed steel coil cutting line mainly uses its DC voltage, and its equipment. The heat dissipation can be effectively selected by natural cooling or forced cooling by a device fan. In the process of installation, it is necessary to effectively maintain the slitter magnetic powder brake on the horizontal shaft and the surrounding environment can not be too humid and the like.

High-speed steel coil cutting line in the operation need to focus on the panel to operate, integrated circuit control, the entire equipment is concentrated in the panel operation control, the main function of the panel, the spindle speed adjustment, in the operation of the winding length setting.

High-speed steel coil slitting line needs effective unwinding tension adjustment and winding tension setting, and the cutter uses upper and lower round knife. And can be based on different cutting width replacement knife pad, adjust the cutting width to achieve high-quality cutting quality.

During the process of installing the high-speed steel coil cutting line, the temperature is relatively appropriate, and where the light is good, ventilation, and drying and convenient operation, the high-speed steel coil cutting line needs to fix the entire roll or the entire raw material to a certain extent. Length cut processing.


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