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CNC cutting length system configuration and drive shaft maintenance requirements

Wuxi Puxin Machinery Factory | Updated: Jun 25, 2018

In fact, the benefits of using NC cut lengths are reflected in many ways. For example, in actual production, higher-precision products can be obtained, and work efficiency can also be improved. Of course, in the actual production of NC cut length lines, it is inevitable that it will be affected by some factors.


So what are the requirements for the control system of CNC cut length lines? First of all, to ensure that the requirements of the cutting process are met, the reliability of the system should be ensured, so that stable operation can be maintained during actual operation. Secondly, the performance of software and hardware should meet the various technological requirements for cutting.


Thirdly, in actual work, when the numerical control cutting length line is operated and controlled, it is required to satisfy the requirement that the pattern input is simple and the on-site operation performance is good. In other words, it is easy for operators at the site to operate and maintain the equipment. At the same time, the entire production system should have good operational convenience. In this way, productivity can be increased.


It should be noted that during the use of CNC cutting length lines, it is also necessary to do related maintenance work, especially the maintenance of its drive shaft. In the process of lubricating the spindle parts, the main purpose thereof is to reduce the operating temperature of the bearing and prolong its service life.


Therefore, in order to meet this requirement, it is suggested that suitable grease should be selected according to the running requirements of the NC cutting length line. Under normal circumstances, the use of low-speed grease, oil circulation lubrication; high-speed use of oil mist, oil and gas lubrication. However, it is worth noting that: too much fat, but it is easy to increase the spindle heat. Therefore, a suitable capacity must be selected when adding grease.


In addition, it is necessary to ensure the cooling effect and sealing performance of its main shaft components. In the numerical control cutting length line operation, the main purpose of the cooling of the main shaft component is to reduce the bearing heating and effectively control the heat source. Non-contact and contact seals are available for the seals of the NC-cut shaft components. Its purpose is not only to prevent the entry of dust, shavings and cutting fluids, but also to prevent the leakage of lubricating oil.



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