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CNC Kaiping unit commissioning method

Wuxi Puxin Machinery Factory | Updated: Jan 25, 2018

Different CNC Kaiping unit debugging methods are the same, the first point, that is, to pay attention to must be started when the punching punch, CNC Kaiping unit should be clockwise to adjust the speed of the feeder to adjust the screw, the slider movement Slightly slower, so that you can see when the slider is moving back and forth is not met nylon spacer and the length of fine-tuning screws.


CNC Kaiping unit in the power of the test machine before, we must pay attention to check the feeding direction is not correct; if the press speed remains the same, the feeding distance needs to be shorter from the long, this time is the guide screw should be the first up, Reduce the floating rod to reduce the distance, then turn the speed adjustment screw clockwise, this time, its feed is able to match the press speed.


Adjusting the shelf and numerical control Kaiping unit to the feeder distance, according to its punch speed, feeder feed length, proper adjustment of the distance, the leveling material should be able to successfully enter the feeder and the mold. CNC Kaiping unit in the processing time, the project above can only wear rate control in the allowable range, which is also in the scheduled life of them.


CNC Kaiping units in the use of the time, Kaifeng machine sleeve roller chain is the outer chain plate, the chain plate or the pin and roller composition. And the main wear and tear of the chain will occur between the pin and sleeve, so the inner and outer chain plate should leave a small amount of clearance before, in order to make the lubrication sleeve infiltrated. Kaiping machine adjacent two pin axis distance in fact refers to the pitch.


CNC Kaiping unit in the use, the amount of wear it is concerned, it is necessary to pay attention not to exceed the allowable value, this time is that it can be considered normal wear and tear. CNC Kaiping units run in, will make the height of the asperities of the heavier people reduce the peak is worn away, the actual contact area will increase, the wear rate is reduced.


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