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CNC slitting unit of the operating procedures

Wuxi Puxin Machinery Factory | Updated: Jan 27, 2018

Prior to operating the CNC slitting unit, care should be taken to wear PPE, including coveralls, helmets, and work shoes, and other related items. Next, when using CNC slitting units, Attention to check the above equipment is not debris, if so, it should be cleaned. When the machine is running, it can not place anything on its rotating part.


CNC slitting unit can not be stored around the flammable and explosive materials, this time should be careful fire safety measures; Check the oil tank which is not normal oil level, observe whether the deterioration of oil quality, lubrication points for each It should be lubricated; check the control valve, pipe, blade and its spindle and other parts is not there wear or crack, check the bolt will not loosen; check the electrical circuit is not damaged, the electrical box is not there Odor or abnormal.


CNC slitting unit in the operation, the first is to pay attention to must be to start circulating water, start cold water circulation at the same time should check the equipment is not working properly; then turn on the power, make sure the power light is on, start Motor, let the motor run for 30 seconds to 1 minute, check the motor during the period to ensure the normal operation of the motor, there is no abnormal sound.


CNC slitting unit of the jogging operation, after the closure of the turret to check the knife edge of the situation and the fastening of the bolt, and then press; equipment, continuous or a single operation in the event of a burst When the situation, pay attention to press the emergency button. When cutting, the discharge side should be strictly prohibited station.


CNC slitting unit in the operation, during the cutting and pressing back, this time the turret should be open; on this point, the CNC slitting unit after the operation, pay attention to press Under the stop button, turn off the power, clean the health of the equipment, do a good job of rain and moisture protection measures.


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