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Common shapes of sheet metal slitting machine blades

Wuxi Puxin Machinery Factory | Updated: Apr 21, 2018

At present, there are hundreds of manufacturers that produce sheet metal slitting machine blades, and the annual production value can reach hundreds of millions. It is necessary to know that most of the manufacturers of sheet metal slitter cutting tools are equipped with shears. of. Because of the differences in the design of the sheet metal slitters produced by the manufacturers, the blades of the shears are different, so the specifications and shapes of the blades of the shears in the market are various.


The most common tool in the sheet metal industry is a long knife, but I also don't know that there are many other types of tools that are also divided into the sheet metal slitter blade industry. For this, let's briefly introduce the following. Its blade shape.


Straight blades in sheet metal slitter blades:


The most common straight blade in sheet metal slitting machine blades can be used on hydraulic or guillotine shears and is a cuboid knife. In accordance with the standard length specifications are relatively commonly used, that is, will include 508,505,1300,1100 and 1025, these specifications of the sheet metal slitter blades are more common, not to elaborate here and everyone.


Sheet-shaped scissors blades in sheet metal slitter blades:


This kind of sheet metal slitter blade is usually used in the metallurgy of steel mills. It is a kind of hot shearing blade. The materials are specially selected from H13 and H13K. The upper and lower sheet metal slitter blades show an arc shape. The concave-convex shape is mainly used as trimming of steel embryos.


Toothed scissors blades in sheet metal slitting machine blades:


Such sheet metal slitter blades are often used on color steel tile or other special-shaped shears. They are shear cutters that are specially used to cut specific shapes of plates and show arc-shaped waves or tooth-shaped waves. This cutter costs a lot more than straight shears.


Finally, regarding the sheet metal slitter blades, heat-resistant alloy tool steels are used in this material, and the main materials include 4Cr5MoSiV1 (H13K), 7Cr7Mo2V2Si9 (LD), and W6Mo5Cr4V2 (6542). The sheet metal slitter blades of this material are used in hot-rolled steel billets or in thermal shearing. This feature is resistant to high temperatures and is not susceptible to annealing. It is used in steel mills for hot rolling and hot shear cutting.



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