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Compact metal slitting machine installation

Wuxi Puxin Machinery Factory | Updated: Dec 16, 2017

Compact metal slitting machine is a metal material slitting equipment, due to its compact structure, so not only small footprint, but also easy to install. But whether it's equipment installation or before it's put into service, the compact metal slitting machine is commissioned to meet every aspect of its requirements.


In order to ensure the accurate positioning of the compact metal slitting machine on the basis of the above, the reference line shall be installed according to the set center flag after the equipment is hoisted in place. The reference line should be hung on the line frame for adjustment and aligned with the wire hammer Center point; should be regularly reused during use to prevent displacement of the wire.


Secondly, the elevation of the compact metal slitting machine also needs to be adjusted. The main working surface of the equipment should be selected as the measurement reference or measurement reference surface. Based on the permanent reference point, an auxiliary reference should be set up near the equipment to facilitate the installation of the equipment In the elevation adjustment.


Adjusted parameters also compact metal strip machine level and verticality, the working surface of the device or the assembly of the junction surface, you can directly measure the level of the level; and installation of the separate parts can be level .


The vertical adjustment of the compact metal slitting machine can adopt hanging steel wire measurement method, set a wire frame above the equipment and hang a steel wire on the top and a wire hammer on the lower end. In order to prevent the wire hammer swing, so that the measured data is accurate, the wire hammer should be placed in a barrel, and then use the internal diameter micrometer to measure the distance between the equipment and the steel wire, measuring the location of A, B two points, according to the distance between two points, Can calculate the difference between the vertical.



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