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Composition of silicon steel slitting line and application of its frequency converter

Wuxi Puxin Machinery Factory | Updated: Mar 10, 2018

Compared to other materials, silicon steel has good quality and characteristics in terms of iron loss value, magnetic flux density, hardness, flatness, thickness uniformity, coating film type, and punching property, so its cutting processing equipment is natural. It is not free to choose, but should choose a special silicon steel cutting production line to ensure its cutting quality.


Most of the silicon steel slitting line generally consist of feeding, guiding, slitting, tensioning, winding and other mechanisms. They are mounted on the base in a specific order, and the silicon steel is properly cut under the common cooperation. , while getting the ideal cutting quality.


But in the past, many of the machines for discharging, slitting, and tensioning of silicon steel cutting lines were pole-driven and operated independently. Therefore, the steps of feeding, feeding, and discharging of the various processes were inconsistent. Silicon steel is easily accumulated between the slitting, slitting and winding sections. Silicon steel is easily deformed, which affects the slitting of silicon steel and the winding of silicon steel after slitting.


In another case, a frequency converter was installed in the silicon steel cutting production line to control the operation of motors such as discharging, slitting, and tensioning, so as to ensure the feeding, feeding, and discharging of the steps in order to ensure the silicon steel. Can be cut smoothly.


The frequency converter in the silicon steel slitting line is the same as that used in other equipments, and is also composed of iron cores, windings, fuel tanks, etc. During the silicon steel sheet cutting process, the cutting parameters can be flexibly adjusted according to the thickness, performance, and requirements of the materials. To ensure quality.



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