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Control Mode of Slitting Machine

Wuxi Puxin Machinery Factory | Updated: Aug 14, 2017

There are many kinds of control modes of the electro-hydraulic servo system of slitting machine. According to the computer analysis, the output flow and pressure can be divided into the following three kinds:

1. step motor control form

A computer system is composed of a digital signal output to input pulses to the stepper motor controller, stepper motor rotation number is determined by the number of pulses input, the motor speed is determined by the frequency of the input pulse. Stepper motor angle through the transmission device through a series of changes, and eventually become the valve opening, that is, we usually say that the flow changes, digital flow valve is so formed.

2. digital to analog conversion control form

Slitting machine uses servo valve or proportional valve to realize electro-hydraulic conversion. The digital quantity generated by the computer system is converted into analog control current by a digital to analog converter, and the control current is applied to the input of the servo valve or proportional valve, and the feedback signal is converted into digital quantity by a digital to analog converter to enter the computer. This kind of analog to digital conversion control system makes use of high precision waiting point and high frequency corresponding to servo valve. This control system is beneficial to realize precision servo control.

3. control mode of high speed on-off valve

The high-speed on-off motor is used to drive the fixed valve directly or indirectly, and the digital signal is amplified to control the front valve. High speed switch valve has two states, respectively, on and off, through the two states to feed back the signal, the feedback signal through the sampler, and then in the form of digital transmission to the computer control system.

Slitting machine

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