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Cut to length line can not be normal rotation, how to do?

Wuxi Puxin Machinery Factory | Updated: Jul 18, 2017

With the development of industry, the use of cut to length lines is also more extensive. The Cut to length line is a equipment that needs to be standardized and operated, so that it can extend its service life, ensure our production efficiency and personal safety.

But in the process of using the cut to length line, we will encounter it or that kind of fault, what do we do at this time?

When the cut to length line doesn't work properly, we can start with the following aspects:

1, Pay attention to check whether the machine is overloaded or whether the converter has over-current alarm. If so, the solution is relatively simple. We just need to turn off one of the main power supplies of the electrical control system, then wait a little longer, and then restart it.

2 ,Check transmission gear for damage. If it is found to be damaged, turn off the main power immediately, then turn the uncoiling head with your hand to see if it is stuck. If the above situation, in fact, the transmission gear is damaged, we have to promptly replace the damaged parts.

3, Check the material guide device, observe the top photoelectric proximity switch or its photoelectric buffer pit at the bottom of the proximity switch if there is damage, if damaged, this is cut to length line cannot detect signal close to the silicon steel sheet, in that case we need timely replacement of damaged parts.


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