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Methods and measures for proper cleaning of steel plate kaiping

Wuxi Puxin Machinery Factory | Updated: May 24, 2017

Today's industrial production most manufacturers like to use machines instead of artificial to carry out industrial production, which is mainly machine relative and manual can be very significant cost savings and very save time, effectively improve production efficiency, in these machines kaiping machine is in the CNC industry, one of the most widely used machines and kaiping machine in the production of very superior performance by manufacturers of all ages, but the machine is not what we think the tireless. In fact, the machine also has a tired time, after the end of the machine work is needed to check the maintenance, Kaiping machine is also so, after the use of cleaning operation, we will look at the correct way to clean the steel plate kaiping machine.
First of all, it is found that the motor coupling part of the wear we should promptly find staff to replace, steel plate kaiping machine is a large expensive machine, we must remember to use the daily, monthly check to prevent damage to the machine. In the use of steel plate Kaiping machine, we must make a daily inspection, weekly inspection, in fact, day inspection is our daily inspection, we usually use steel plate kaiping machine When we must pay attention to some of the matters is that we start a day before the work must be preheating the machine, in preheating we should pay attention to listen to the noise, once there is a noise we should stop the machine in time, and then find some technical workers to overhaul the machine, after working every day, we should also wipe the machine, To ensure the cleanliness of the machine, we should also every month on the machine to check the machine, and is to check the oil tank is normal use of the tubing. We should also check the oil in the fuel tank every month to check whether it's normal, check the distribution box for some sundries, and we'd better be able to choose one day a month for these jobs. If there are too many sundries in the tank, we should clean it every year or half a year, for some bearings of the motor should be timely refueling, this kind of work is usually carried out once a year.

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