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Cutting technology and tension change of high speed cutting length line

Wuxi Puxin Machinery Factory | Updated: Jul 30, 2018

The high-speed cutting length line mainly adopts multiple cutting technology in the process of making, and the processing quality of the equipment is obviously improved, but it is still in the category of its high-speed wire-cut EDM wire cutting machine, and its cutting precision is made during the production. There is still a large gap between the smoothness and the low-speed wire-cutting machine, and the accuracy and maintainability of the finish need to be further improved.

To a certain extent, the high-speed cutting length line mainly adopts full-closed control with pitch compensation function. To a certain extent, it mainly uses its numerical control system to effectively compensate and correct the positioning accuracy error of its machine tool. Reduce the machining accuracy caused by long-term use and prolong the service life of the machine. The wire system uses a special (mostly diamond) wire retainer to keep the wire filament relatively stable and reduce the tension change of the wire during processing.

The high-speed cutting length line will change its usual extensive cooling mode in the cooling system to a certain extent. In the production, the multi-stage filtration is mainly used to control the key parameters such as the dielectric constant to ensure the smooth progress of the finishing. The control software provides an open database of processing parameters, which can be selected according to the material's texture, thickness, roughness and other conditions. It is believed that through our efforts, the cutting technology will be more perfect, and the reciprocating wire EDM technology will also be better applied and developed.


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