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Developing requirements and expectations of the steel coil slitting machine manufacturers

Wuxi Puxin Machinery Factory | Updated: Oct 16, 2017

The steel coil slitting machine is the complementary host product which mainly uses the sales network in the international market to export. The host product enters the international manufacturer's supply chain in OEM mode. It enters the international manufacturers and maintenance contractors in the form of spare parts. Establish the host production base in foreign target market and realize localization assembly and manufacture.

Steel coil slitting machine manufacturers need to clear the strategic positioning of the industry. And it is necessary to accelerate the integration of enterprise resources. Cultivating and supporting the  powerful  enterprises in China's mechanical industry to develop into a world-class Chinese machinery industry is a major goal of the development of China's slitting machine. Supporting the qualified enterprises to enter the international machinery industry chain and the qualified advantage enterprises, especially the small and medium-sized enterprises into the international engineering industry chain and supply chain, making the maximum utilization of available resources.

Improve the market environment of Chinese machinery industry, to a certain extent, the market system of modern mechanical industry will be formed. In the use process, the fair environment of industry development will be provided, so as to form the modern mechanical industry market system in the combination of capital market, marketing market and secondary market involved in the machinery industry.

The fundamental way of the development of Chinese steel coil slitting machine is to improve the core competence of the corporation. The enterprises tightly grasp the key elements of research and development capability, cost control, management innovation and so on, forming the core resources of products, brands, technology, standards, manufacturing, management, sales network, and the core competitiveness of enterprises.

In the market, leading products overall upgrade is the breakthrough point to form the core competence of the corporation. And it is the foundation of consolidating the Chinese market and the development of international market. For the market and the users, the core value of the mechanical industry brand is mainly reflected in the product quality, service quality and the residual value of the products in the secondary equipment market, further is the charm of corporate culture.

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