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Difference between hydraulic lift tables and crane

Wuxi Puxin Machinery Factory | Updated: Mar 22, 2018

When selecting hydraulic lift tables, customers often consider various factors, including price, function, safety, stability, etc., so as to select a suitable one among many similar products. As far as hydraulic lifts and cranes are concerned, the difference between them is great.


First of all, the scale of operation of hydraulic lift tables and cranes is not the same, and the types of work they face are different. Due to the variety of types of hydraulic lift platforms, the scope of application is relatively wide. Cranes are often used for large-tonnage horizontal movements and lifts. They are often used in steel manufacturing, port terminals and other heavy-duty applications.


Secondly, the speed of the hydraulic lift tables and the crane are different. Although the hydraulic lifting platform cannot move at high speed in a short time, it has good stability. Since the crane is driven by a high-speed motor, the heavy object can be moved up and down in a short time.


In addition, the hydraulic lifting platform and the crane have different working methods. The former uses the hydraulic equipment for lifting. The latter uses the steel wire rope as the lifting mode, and the power transmission mode is different. From this aspect, the hydraulic lifting platform and the hydraulic lifting platform will also be visually distinguished. crane.


In addition, there are differences in the stability and high altitude practicality between the hydraulic lift tables and the crane. The hydraulic lifting platform can complete a series of high altitude operations with high stability and safety. However, cranes cannot carry out manned operations and can only perform lift movements.



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