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High-speed cut length wire composition and performance advantages

Wuxi Puxin Machinery Factory | Updated: Jun 11, 2018

The so-called high-speed cutting length line is more advanced than other similar production industries. The production line is used for thick plate cross-cutting, and has main functions such as unwinding, leveling, feeding, lengthening, cross cutting, and stacking/stacking. The main working equipment in the high-speed cutting length line is usually the feeding trolley, gantry-type uncoiler, pre-schooling machine, leveling machine and power, pinching device, code-lengthening device, shearing machine, conveyor, pneumatic discharge, and out Material table, hydraulic system, electrical system and so on.


The high-speed cutting length line has a strong function, not only meeting the technical requirements of the standard cutting production line, but also showing the company's production strength. The shearing line is controlled by the PLC system or manually by the customer. It has a PLC controlled single axis feeder. Information on length, shear number and speed can be entered into the HMI. When cutting, the cutting length machine can stop automatically.


During high-speed cutting of the length line, its linear velocity can be adjusted as needed. It has a pressure gauge with high precision, the entire production line can be operated automatically and easily, resulting in a smooth table. Automatically cut long length feeds and cut lengths required for high-precision straight-line uniform or random power cuts.


With the continued production of high-speed cutting length lines, when the counter reaches zero the cutting length line is closed, the entire process is completely controlled by the computer. The cutting line is suitable for stainless steel products, electrical appliances, automobiles and machinery manufacturing industries. The length cutting machine has the function of automatically cutting and cutting the steel plate, and can cut all kinds of cold-rolled plate materials of different specifications through decoiling, leveling and slitting. These cut length lines can also automatically stack these different shears neatly.


With the use of high-speed cutting length lines, the production efficiency is significantly improved, the cost is reduced, the quality of the product is guaranteed, and the market competitiveness is greatly improved. The high-speed cutting length line can be adjusted, with accurate measurement, automatic operation in the whole process, simple operation, more powerful operation and excellent cost performance.



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