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High Speed Cut to Length line System Design Features

Wuxi Puxin Machinery Factory | Updated: Dec 25, 2017

High speed cut to length line is a typical cutting line, which can effectively cut the metal material and get excellent cutting quality with the effective cooperation of a series of units. What are the design features of this high-speed cut-to-length line system?


In a certain length of high speed cut to length line, not only can cut different length and thickness of the material, and the size of the product after cutting error of not more than 1mm, indicating the production line cutting accuracy is very high; it also with scrap cutting, double Station multi-head cutting and other unique features, is an ordinary cutting line can not be compared.


Judging from past work experience, the steel plate will be shortened after being cut by the cutting line. In order to overcome this problem, the temperature monitoring and compensation algorithm is added to the length line of the high-speed cutting to control the system to adjust the cutting path at any time to ensure In the case of hot cutting cooled products to meet product accuracy requirements.


In practice, the main processes of high speed cutting to length line include scanning steel plate outline, product nesting, cutting path optimization, automatic cutting control, punching factory mark, task report, etc., which can make material processing in one time and reduce the cost of equipment Set, save costs.


In the high speed cut to length line, there are motion controller, PLC, temperature measurement, punching equipment and other four kinds of communication equipment, and all using serial communication; motion controller which controls 14 axes, indicating its software part Ability is also very powerful.


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