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High-speed cutting length line performance description and application

Wuxi Puxin Machinery Factory | Updated: Oct 25, 2018

The high-speed cutting length line performs many functions, including sheet paper flattening, trimming, cutting into length and stacking plates. In fact, high-speed cutting length lines can be unrolled, flattened, measured, cross length and stacked. This cutting length machine is mainly used in the cold-rolled coil, hot rolled coil, stainless steel coil, galvanized coil, electrical, automotive and other machinery manufacturing industries.


In practical applications, the cutting length of the high-speed cutting length line can accurately feed and shear the machine. At present, the machine has been widely used for cold-rolled or hot-rolled carbon steel, tinplate, stainless steel and all other kinds of metal materials and surface coatings. The cutting line is controlled by the PLC system or manually by the customer. It has a single-axis feeder controlled by a PLC.


That is to say, in the process of operating the high speed cutting length line, specific cutting length, number of cuts and speed information can be input to the HMI. When cutting, the cutting length reaches the set standard and can be stopped automatically. The line speed can be adjusted. The entire production line can be operated automatically and the management is simple and convenient.



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