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High-speed steel coil slitting function

Wuxi Puxin Machinery Factory | Updated: Oct 13, 2018

The high-speed steel coil slitting line adopts the PLC control system. Therefore, in actual production, the user can arbitrarily set the cut-off length, and carry out continuous work according to the set task category, conveying the speed block, and the cut-off precision of the cut-off is high. In the slitting process, the use of the baffle dome does not cause an excessive difference in the sliding or cutting length of the reinforcing bar.


For the user, the high-speed steel coil slitting line can be used for bidirectional discharge and connection with the bending production line, which saves time for material handling. Among them, a blade having a large length is disposed, so that a plurality of steel materials can be cut at the same time. The steel rack is a conveyor that can flexibly transport steel. The oblique knife edge design improves the shearing ability. The grooved blade design prevents side shifting of the steel bar when it is sheared.


At the same time, it is equipped with anti-bounce automatic pressing device to ensure the safe use of high-speed steel coil cutting and cutting line. The device has a very low failure rate and a strong shearing capability. Coupled with multi-plate design, the positioning speed is extremely fast and the efficiency is high. In addition, the mobile material platform design is adopted, which greatly reduces the labor intensity.



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