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High-speed steel roll tangent range of applications

Wuxi Puxin Machinery Factory | Updated: Dec 19, 2017

As a R & D and manufacturing company for high speed steel coil slitting line, we should try our best to meet various requirements of customers, including the function of cutting line, service life, cost and so on. While achieving the proper use of functions, it is required that the HSS slitter line be durable and able to reduce its purchase cost as much as possible.


High speed steel coil slitting line is one kind of slitting line equipment, its operating speed can reach 200m / min, which is very suitable for enterprises such as steel material supplier enterprises with high output requirements, but only for their own factory open book Cut companies can choose other types of steel sub-tangent.


In addition to the high-speed steel roll dividing line, the market also has simple slitting lines and standard slitting lines and other products, simple coil slitting line generally refers to the roll width of 450mm and 650mm of material; such simple production line equipment, You can choose two types of ground type or standard speed type, if the production requirements are not high, you can consider the ground type; the other hand, choose the standard speed type.


The standard type steel coil cutting line is used more of a take into account that some customers on the yield requirements are not high, and the price of the entire package is relatively sensitive to the case, the standard steel roll slitting line to meet the conditions, The key is more dominant in terms of price.


High-speed steel coil cutting line manufacturers introduced a variety of different product lines, so that we can correctly according to their needs a reasonable choice, both to achieve the desired cutting effect, but also as much as possible to reduce costs and improve efficiency


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