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How to control the wear of Kaiping machine?

Wuxi Puxin Machinery Factory | Updated: Jun 26, 2017

Kaiping machine is widely used in machining industry, but the sleeve and roller chain of Kaiping machine (roller chain mainly consists of inner chain plate, outer chain plate, roller and pin shaft) is relatively easy to wear.

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coil slitting machine

There is clearance between the sleeve and the pin of the Kaiping machine, so it must have a more free rotating space, so that the chain can have a flex when entering and exiting the sprocket. Therefore, the chain wear mainly occurs between the sleeve and the pin shaft. At this time, as long as there is a relatively small gap between the inside and outside the chain plate, the lubricating oil can be better entered.
The Kaiping machine is adjacent to the two pin centerline, which we call pitch. The pitch size, can be more intuitive reflect the bearing capacity of the chain and its size is an important parameter of the chain, and when the load is large, we can use the pitch of the double chain or multi row chain, effective control for wear.
In the process of using the Kaiping machine, its wear is sure to be unavoidable. We can only control the wear rate within the allowable range. That is, within a predetermined lifetime, as long as the amount of wear does not exceed the allowable value, it is normal wear and tear. For some of the more professional manufacturers, they have good control of the wear and tear of the Kaiping aircraft.

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cut to length line

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