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Hydraulic aluminum steel coil slitting line introduction

Wuxi Puxin Machinery Factory | Updated: Dec 21, 2017

In order to ensure the quality of the production line equipment, we must pay attention to the inspection and acceptance work of the hydraulic aluminum steel coil slitting line. As the user, we should finish the static precision test of hydraulic aluminum steel coil slitting line with the equipment manufacturer. If the qualified case further acceptance.


Can use the square pole to measure out the difference between the shoulders of two axles in the cutting line of the hydraulic aluminum coil preliminarily. After knowing the deviation, pick out two thin rings from the supplied thin ring, make their difference equal to This deviation, then mounted on the arbor to offset this deviation.


In this way, the hydraulic aluminum steel coil slitting line has the conditions to complete the first gap cutting, cutting to know the first gap in the future when all the cutting basis, it must be repeated, accurately determine the two thin rings Difference is accurate; in line with the standard case can be two sets of thin ring fixed.


The above basic acceptance of the hydraulic aluminum steel coil slitting line can be put into the commissioning and trial production stage. The tools and tools required for hydraulic aluminum coil cutting line debugging must be strictly in accordance with the specifications The number ordered out, but must pay attention to safety.


Hydraulic aluminum coil cutting line debugging, we must absolutely ensure the blades and other tools on both sides of the clean, because any garbage, dust, greasy, fiber will seriously affect the cutting accuracy; if necessary, then wash with gasoline, Apply oil and install knife.


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