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Hydraulic coil decoiler application

Wuxi Puxin Machinery Factory | Updated: May 05, 2018

According to the characteristics of the cross-section shape of cold and hot steel and wire rods, it is possible to use a coiler of hydraulic coils to bend steel into coils immediately after rolling. This will increase the weight of raw materials and improve Rolling speed, reduction of head and tail temperature difference provide a powerful condition, in view of this has led to an increase in product yield and quality; in addition, the rolled material is easy to transport, which is a variety of forms of roll The common features and functions of the machine.


Hydraulic coil coilers are used in many industries. This equipment will roll the product into a roll of mechanical equipment. With regard to its degree of complexity, the hydraulic coil winder in the metallurgical industry is representative. Winder drives come from electricity, fluids, and more. The coiler generally comprises a core equipment reel (reel), an auxiliary reeling equipment (an auxiliary molding equipment), a rewinding roller (forming roller), and the like.


When the product of the hydraulic coil decoiler is coiled, the product is mainly formed on the reel, the reel is generally driven by the motor, the auxiliary reeling equipment, the reeling roller is generally driven by the motor to rotate, and the fluid hydraulic cylinder drives the rewinding roller to move. To help smooth roll.


Hydraulic coil decoilers are mainly used to wind long pieces into coils or coils. In the modern cold-rolled steel strip workshop, this equipment will also be widely used in cutting, pickling, grinding and polishing heat treatment, tin plating and galvanizing units. Because of the differences in process technology between strip production and wire production, cold strip production and tropical production, equipment has its own characteristics and functions, resulting in their structural differences.


There are many types of hydraulic coilers. According to their use and construction, there are also coilers with tension reels, usually coiled steel or steel under tension in cold conditions; after that, hydraulic pressure The coil winder equipment also includes a roll winder, which is mostly used for hot coils, cold coiled steel sheets and strip steels, and wire coilers and small steel coilers.



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