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Hydraulic lifting table maintenance and purchasing skills

Wuxi Puxin Machinery Factory | Updated: Jun 28, 2018

The normal use of hydraulic lifting tables is inseparable from the daily maintenance. What are the main contents of the maintenance process? First of all, we must pay attention to the reliability of the hydraulic lifting platform, and pay attention to the reinforcement of the guardrail in time. In daily work, it is necessary to regularly clean the oil, dirt, paint, rust, and rust on the surface of the ascending platform, check the part where wear and corrosion has exceeded the safety standard, and replace the components.


During the inspection process, if there is a crack in a component or welding part of the hydraulic lifting table, the repairable components should be repaired in a timely and professional manner, and the non-repairable parts should be promptly replaced. Reassemble the paint. For hydraulic systems, you should always check whether there is oil leakage in the hydraulic pipe and check whether the hydraulic pipe is cracked. If it has to be replaced in time.


In addition, it is also necessary to regularly check whether the amount of oil in the fuel tank is sufficient. Remember that the full use of the hydraulic lift cylinder must be satisfied. For the user, the purchase of the device is also a very important issue. So in the selection process, what skills can you refer to?


In fact, we must not blindly purchase during our purchase. Instead, we should conduct market research and field visits in advance to determine the size of the company and its credibility. In other words, when selecting a hydraulic lifting platform, we must take the quality of our equipment as a priority. We must not try to be cheap, so as not to cause even greater regret. Then we can comprehensively investigate the data and select the best cost-effective lifting machine. We must choose from its technical parameters and practicality and versatility.


Of course, there are differences in the technical parameters and practical uses of different hydraulic lift tables, and there are also differences in their functions. Therefore, in the process of purchasing, we must clarify the purpose, that is, choose what to do for the hydraulic lift table, and whether it can meet the actual needs.


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