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Hydraulic steel coil slitting line forming mechanism and function

Wuxi Puxin Machinery Factory | Updated: Oct 15, 2018

The hydraulic steel coil slitting line runs accurately and quickly, and the cutting length can be preset and cut off according to the preset length. The horizontal feeding device mechanism can store a large amount of steel bar raw materials and control the feeding of raw materials through forward and reverse operation. The rack is used to buffer the raw material of the steel bar and control the feed of the raw material to the longitudinal feeding device.


In the hydraulic steel coil slitting line, the longitudinal feeding device conveys the steel coil raw material to the shearing mechanism for shearing. The positioning device has different lengths of fixed-length baffles, which are adjusted by the servo control mechanism to accurately control the length to ensure that the error is less than ±1mm. The function of the pressing device is that when the predetermined length is reached, the cutting device pressing device is automatically pressed, and the cutter is cut down, so that the steel bar sliding phenomenon does not occur.


In addition, the shearing mechanism in the hydraulic steel coil slitting line also effectively improves the production efficiency. The blade adopts a large-length blade and is made of high-quality alloy, which has a long service life and a large number of cuts.



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