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Introduction to stainless steel 2

Wuxi Puxin Machinery Factory | Updated: Jul 07, 2017

As we said before, let's go on to explain the morphological classification of stainless steels.

Stainless steel coil and sheet is actually the same thing, but its shape is just not the same, the coil is roll to a roll, the sheet is a piece of a piece, if the factory is also called the original plate, plate, plate is very thick, because it cannot be rolled, generally more than 16 mm cannot roll.

1 (4).jpg

steel coil slitting line

According to the stainless steel plate mill (rolling mill is the name of the machine) rolling process, divided into hot and cold rolling, hot rolling cold rolling usually labeled NO.1 labeled 2B or BA (BA than 2B, the surface should be bright, close to the mirror, the best is the mirror, mirror without spot, need processing), such as 304 most of the time is the procurement board, that means the volume must be through the machine into Kaiping in the form of this kind of machine is Kaiping machine. The Kaiping Kaiping machine can be opened into different length, length is set to open if not conventional means, set to open size, because the customer according to the actual need, often put a different length, the volume when it is important that the conventional plate can not meet the requirements.

Domestic cold-rolled in general below 3 mm, hot-rolled generally above 3 mm, 3 mm thickness of both hot-rolled and cold rolled, but imported cold-rolled plate thickness can reach 4 mm or less than 6 mm. Hot-rolled 3 mm to 12 mm plate called mid plate, more than 12 mm thick plate called, can be more than 120 mm thick, and called hot-rolled plate, and cold rolling is cold rolled sheet.

5 (2).jpg

cut to length lines

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