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Knowledge of Steel Plates

Wuxi Puxin Machinery Factory | Updated: Sep 14, 2017

Classification of steel plate (including strip steel):

1, according to thickness classification:

 (1) sheet (2) medium plate (3) thick plate (4) extra thick plate

2, according to the production method classification:

 (1) hot-rolled steel plate (2) cold-rolled steel plate

3, according to the surface characteristics of classification:

 (1) galvanized sheet (galvanized sheet, galvanized sheet), (2) tin plate (3) composite plate (4) color coated steel plate

4, according to the purposes:

 (1) the bridge plate (2) boiler plate (3) shipbuilding plate (4) armor plate (5) car plate (6) roof plate (7) plate (8) electrical steel (steel sheet) (9) spring plate (10) other

Common Japanese brand in steel plate for general and mechanical construction

1, Japanese steel (JIS Series) common structure steel grades mainly consists of three parts: the first part of said material, such as: S (Steel), F (Ferrum); second part of said shape, types and uses of different, such as P (Plate), T (Tube); feature representation, is generally the lowest tensile strength. Such as: SS400 - the first S represents steel, the second S indicates the structure, and the 400 is the lower limit tensile strength 400MPa, and the overall tensile strength is 400 MPa of ordinary structural steel.

2, SPHC - generally used hot rolled steel sheet and strip.

3, SPHD - indicating hot rolled steel sheet and strip for stamping.

4, SPHE - for deep drawing hot rolled steel sheet and strip.

5, SPCC - indicating cold rolled carbon steel sheets and strips, equivalent to the Q195-215A brand in china. Third of the letters C are cold Cold abbreviations. To ensure tensile test, SPCCT is added at the end of the grade T.

6, SPCD - indicating cold-rolled carbon steel sheet and strip, equivalent to China's 08AL (13237) high-quality carbon structural steel.

7, SPCE - for deep drawing cold rolled carbon steel sheet and strip, equivalent to China 08AL (5213) deep drawing steel. In case of non - efficacy, N is added at the end of the grade SPCEN.

8, JIS mechanical structure steel grades for the method of expression for:

S+ carbon content + letter code (C, CK), including carbon content with an intermediate value of * 100, the letter C: carbon K: carburizing steel. Such as carbon plate S20C, its carbon content is 0.18-0.23%.

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