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Lubrication care and cleaning requirements for slitting machines

Wuxi Puxin Machinery Factory | Updated: Aug 30, 2018

When the slitting machine is in operation, the sliding bearing of the anti-bending plate pressing plate part is usually used once a week to apply grease guns for lubrication treatment. Remember to clean the refueling area before refueling to avoid contamination of the oil.

The brake system of the slitter should also pay attention to the lubrication treatment. It is necessary to move back and forth several times after adding the lubricating oil to the brake connection part to ensure sufficient lubrication. Usually this area should be lubricated three times a week, and pay attention to clean.

For the roller and adjustment parts of the slitter equipment, adjust accordingly according to the actual situation. When filling the lubricating oil, pay attention to keep it clean, usually three times a week. In addition, for the adjustment of the upper and lower knives, such as the worm gear, it is necessary to carry out lubrication and maintenance three times a week, pay attention to cleaning.

For the lower shaft of the metal slitting machine, the lubrication of the lower shaft is also required to be cleaned three times a week. Also note that the support shaft is filled with butter three times a week, and the mechanism is moved several times.


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