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Metal briquetting machine features and advantages

Wuxi Puxin Machinery Factory | Updated: Aug 06, 2018

When the metal briquetting machine is being produced, all the models are hydraulically driven. When the production is made, the body can be selected in the form of overturning, pushing or manually taking the package. The installation is simple and no need for the foot. Fixed, in the place without power, diesel engine can be used for power.

Metal briquetting machine features and advantages

In the process of operation, the metal briquetting machine is mainly used for pressing various metal chips, powdered metal powder, smelting additives, sponge iron, etc. into high-density cylindrical cake without adding any binder ( The weight of the cake is 2-8 kg), the density of the cake can reach 5T/M3 or more (different raw materials, the weight of the pressed cake is not the same), and the pressed cake can be directly used in the furnace.

The metal briquetting machine mainly adopts its advanced hydraulic transmission technology, which can make the high-quality wear-resistant oil seal. Its oil cylinder is mainly processed and assembled by the latest high-tech technology in the country, so as to ensure continuous operation without weakening the cylinder pressure and durability. Smooth operation; computer control, high degree of automation, low failure rate, easy maintenance, etc.


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