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Metal coil slitting line equipment operation process

Wuxi Puxin Machinery Factory | Updated: Apr 26, 2018

The wire cutting line equipment is placed on the work surface and the scale is used to indicate the value to adjust the active stop to the required blockage value. When the length of the material to be cut is greater than the maximum material distance of the rear block, it is also necessary to pay attention to the opening of the block to the final position, and then lift the block plate, and then the wire cutting line can also be Cut any sheet.


The metal coil slitting line equipment is more convenient to use before cutting the thin steel plate. The blade gap adjusting stepless adjustment mechanism adapts to the cutting needs of different plate thicknesses and materials. The rear stopper is mounted on the upper blade holder, and the upper blade holder is used for swinging up and down. The adjustment of the rear stopper is also necessarily due to the 0.55KW motor. Drive, driven by the screw after gear reduction.


The operation of the wire cutting line equipment should pay attention to the fact that when the “+” or “-” button is pressed to adjust, it can also achieve the forward or backward adjustment of the baffle plate. (Digital display size position) cannot be adjusted in the motorized mode. When the desired adjustment value is reached, the manual adjustment wheel can be rotated to manually fine-tune to ensure the desired adjustment value, so the back gauge adjustment is convenient and reliable.


Metal coil slitting line equipment is very beautiful in appearance, using UG (Finite Element) analysis methods, after computer-aided optimization design. The metal wire cutting line equipment adopts an advanced integrated hydraulic system to reduce pipeline installation and ensure high reliability and safety in the operation of the machine tool. The hydraulic pressure feeding mechanism is used. After being loaded into the oil by a plurality of pressing oil cylinders installed on the supporting plate on the front of the frame, the pressing material head is pressed down after the pulling force of the tension spring is overcome to press the plate material.


After the wire cutting equipment is sheared, it is reset by the tension of the tension spring. The size of the press force will also increase with the thickness of the shear plate. The number of cuttings can also be preset and can be automatically counted, reducing the cumbersome inventory work. Use 50HZ, 380V three-phase four-wire power supply. Integral steel plate welded structure, with good strength, stiffness and vibration resistance.



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