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Metal slitting machine tension control

Wuxi Puxin Machinery Factory | Updated: Mar 31, 2018

There are many metal materials in the processing process, the need to use metal cutting machine for cutting, that is, the large rolls of semi-finished products cut to the required size. In fact, running a slitting semi-finished product on a metal slitting machine is a process of unwinding and rewinding.


In this process, the operation speed control and tension control of metal cutting machine equipment are two key requirements. The so-called tension is to pull the metal material and roll it to the core according to the standard, must apply a certain tension to the metal material and tension the traction, and the tension control of the metal material is called tension.


Tension control refers to the ability to permanently control the tension of a metal material as it is transported on a metal slitter. This control must be effective at any machine speed, including machine acceleration, deceleration, and uniform speed. Even in case of emergency stop, it has the ability to ensure that the metal material does not produce any damage.


At present, during the operation of the metal slitting machine, the control methods of its tension mainly include manual control and automatic control. Manual tension control means that when the winding diameter changes to a certain stage during the winding or unwinding process, the operator adjusts the manual power supply device to achieve the purpose of tension control.


The automatic control method refers to using a tension sensor to directly measure the actual tension value of the tape, and then convert the tension data into a tension signal and feed it back to the tension controller. By comparing this signal with the preset tension value of the controller, The control signal automatically controls the execution unit, so that the actual tension value and the preset tension value are equal, so as to achieve the purpose of stabilizing the tension of the metal slitter.


It should be noted that for metal slitting machines, the setting of the winding tension and unwinding tension often directly affects the product yield. If the tension is too large and the winding is too tight, the processed metal material is prone to wrinkles; conversely, if the tension is insufficient, the cutting quality will be affected. Therefore, it is necessary to provide accurate running tension for the metal cutting machine to ensure the stability of the product quality.



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