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Methods of storage of steel

Wuxi Puxin Machinery Factory | Updated: May 24, 2017

The storage of steel has four points to note:

I. Selection of suitable venues and warehouses

1. Storage of steel sites or warehouses, should be selected in clean and clean, drainage unobstructed place, away from the production of harmful gases or dust of factories and mines. Remove weeds and all sundries on the ground and keep the steel clean.

2. In the warehouse can not be with acid, alkali, salt, cement and other materials on the erosion of steel stacked together. Different types of steel should be stacked separately to prevent confusion, to prevent contact corrosion

3. Large-scale steel, rail, steel plate, large diameter steel pipe, forgings, etc. can be stacked in the open

4. Small and medium-sized steel, wire rod, steel, medium caliber steel pipe, steel wire and wire rope, etc., can be stored in good ventilation material shed, but must be on the mat

5. Some small steel, thin steel, steel strip, silicon steel, small or thin-walled steel pipe, all kinds of cold-rolled, cold-drawn steel and high price, corrosion-prone metal products can be stored in storage

6. The Treasury should be selected according to geographical conditions, generally using the general closed-end Treasury, that is, the roof has walls, doors and windows tight, equipped with ventilation units of the Treasury

7. The storehouse requests the fine weather to pay attention to the ventilation, the rainy day attention shuts off Moistureproof, often maintains the suitable storage environment

Second, reasonable stacking, advanced first put

1. Heap code principle requirement is in the palletizing stability, the guarantee safety condition, achieves according to the variety, the specification palletizing, the different variety material must separate palletizing, prevents the confusion and the mutual corrosion

2. To prohibit the storage of corrosion-resistant articles near the crib

3. Pile bottom should be padded, solid, smooth, prevent material damp or deformation

4. The same material according to the storage successively stacking code, facilitate the implementation of advanced first-hair principle

5. Open-stacked steel, the following must have a wooden mat or a stone, slightly tilted on the side, to facilitate drainage, and attention to the material placed straight, to prevent bending deformation

6. Stacking height, manual operation of not more than 1.2m, mechanical operation of not more than 1.5m, stack width does not exceed 2.5m

7. There should be a certain channel between the stack and the stack, the inspection road is generally 0.5m, the access channel depends on the material size and the transportation machinery, generally 1.5

8. The bottom of the stack, if the warehouse for the Chaoyang cement ground, 0.1m can be padded, if the mud, must be 0.2. If for the open space, the cement ground is elevated 0 • 3 · 5m, the sand mud surface is padded 0.5

9. Open-pit stacking of angle steel and groove should be placed, that is, the bottom of the mouth, I-beam should stand, steel I groove surface can not face up, so as to avoid water rust

III. Packaging and protection of protective materials

The antiseptic or other plating and packing of the steel plant before the factory, this is the important measure to prevent the material rust, must pay attention to protect in the transportation handling process, cannot damage, may prolong the material custody time

Keep the warehouse clean and strengthen the material maintenance

1. Materials in the storage should be careful to prevent rain or mixed with impurities, the already rain or dirty materials according to the nature of the use of different methods to clean, such as high hardness of available steel wire brush, low hardness of cloth, cotton and other things

2. Materials should be checked regularly after storage, if there is rust, should be removed rust layer

3. General steel surface clearance after the net, do not have to paint oil, but for high-quality steel, alloy thin steel, thin-walled tube, alloy steel pipe, and so on, derusting after the surface of both inside and outside the rust-proof oil after the deposit

4. For the more serious corrosion of steel, rust after the long-term preservation, should be used as soon as possible.

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