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Notes on the use of Kaiping machines

Wuxi Puxin Machinery Factory | Updated: Jun 19, 2017

Kaiping machine is a metal plate for uncoiling, leveling, shearing and a series of processing operations of machinery. On the market, the common Kaiping machine can be roughly divided into three kinds according to the processing capacity: cut to length line for thin sheet,cut to length line for medium plate, precision cut to length line, which can basically meet all kinds of processing requirements. So, what are the areas we need to pay attention to when we use the machines in Kaiping? The following is a brief account of all the considerations in our use:


hydraulic lift tables

1.Operators must wear labor protection supplies before they can mount guard.

2. Operators and partners must be familiar with the process, performance and operation essentials of the equipment.

3. Before starting to check whether the fixed point is normal, equipment lubrication according to the requirements of the oil, the operating console control switch is in zero position before power transmission.

4.The school level is greater than or less than the scope of equipment specifications (width and thickness) specifications, leveling machine upper and lower roller surface clearance must be adjusted according to the thickness of the raw materials, shall not be adjusted at will.

5.When the raw material has not been cut, the automatic control procedure must be used.


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