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Parallel requirements and angular position of the slitter

Wuxi Puxin Machinery Factory | Updated: Sep 03, 2018

The two blades of the slitter are parallel to each other. They are usually used for transverse shearing of virgin blanks and other square and rectangular sections of billets, so they are also called billet shears. Such slitters sometimes use two forming blades for cold-shearing (for example, round billets and small round bars, etc.), in which case the shape of the blade is adapted to the cross-sectional shape of the sheared part.

The oblique blade of the slitter, such two blades, the upper blade is inclined, the lower blade is horizontal, and is at an angle to each other. The inclination of the upper blade is 1° to 6°. This shearing machine is commonly used for cold shearing and hot shearing of steel plates, strip steel, thin slabs and welded pipe blanks. Sometimes used to cut small bundles of steel.

The slitting opportunity effectively makes the upper blade inclined, and the lower blade is made horizontal, the purpose of which is to reduce the shear contact length with the shearing member, thereby reducing the shearing force and reducing the volume of the shearing machine. And simplify the structure. The main parameters of the inclined blade shear are: maximum shear force, blade inclination angle, blade length and number of shears. These parameters are determined based on the dimensions and mechanical properties of the rolled stock.

The equipment composition of the slitting machine column generally includes: unwinding machine, guiding device, unwinding tension device, cutting head shearing, feeding table, looper, disc shearing, guiding roller, machine passing roller, inlet clamping device, constant tension Winding device, edger, scrap car, coiler, paper lining device, etc.


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