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Plate Leveling Machine Performance Features

Wuxi Puxin Machinery Factory | Updated: Apr 12, 2018

Plate leveling machine usually use a multi-roll leveler so that the sheet can be kept flat and flawless during processing. Under normal circumstances, the tablet can achieve high precision, high speed, and low energy consumption. Duplex stacking, efficient and fast receipt.


Different types of equipment have different functional characteristics. For example, some types of plate leveling machine can process narrow and short various types of metal materials. In order to stabilize the performance of the equipment, maintain safe production. The following points must be noted during operation:


First, before starting the tablet, we need to check the lubrication and tightening of each part. After confirming normal, adjust the roll according to the thickness of the steel plate.


Second, the operator should stand on both sides of the machine tool during the process of flattening the steel plate using a flatbed machine. It is forbidden to stand before or after the machine or on the steel plate. The surface of the workpiece should be kept clean and there must be no weld metal.


Third, when using a flatbed to level small pieces or strips, it is necessary to place a piece of steel that meets the specifications of the equipment before the two rollers. As a backing plate, small pieces or long workpieces to be leveled are placed on the backing plate to be leveled, and it is often noted that one end of the backing plate should not be less than 300 mm from the roll and must not be inclined. In addition, the workpieces to be leveled on the backing plate should be staggered with each other, and should not be placed in a straight line. The front-to-back distance between the two work pieces should not be less than 100 mm.


It is important to remember that a small amount of descending roll is required during flattening of the workpiece on the flatbed. Each time the amount of reduction is limited to l ~ 2ram, and pay attention to the pointer position. After the job is over, you need to turn off the tablet, loosen the rollers, and remove the workpiece and backing plate.



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