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Set control and feeding requirements of steel coil slitting machine

Wuxi Puxin Machinery Factory | Updated: Jul 09, 2018

Before the steel coil cutting machine is turned on, it is necessary to effectively open the hydraulic system power switch, check whether the oil level of the main hydraulic drive system and the pressure gauge display are correct and stable, and the steel coil slitting machine needs to effectively open the pneumatic throttle valve. Effectively check that the air pressure is correct and stable.

Setting control of steel coil slitter

1. The steel coil slitter can set the slitting menu according to the type, thickness, length and width of the film arranged in the slitting plan.

2. Lift the corresponding BOPP film file from the PDF.

3. Set the winding length and width of the corresponding specification film.

4. Select the corresponding winding station, adjust the pressure roller arm and pressure roller, and install the paper core of the corresponding specifications.

In the process of feeding, the steel coil slitting machine can, according to its driving operation rules, effectively carry out the corresponding parent roll on the aging frame according to its actual operation conditions according to the requirements of the cutting plan. The inner and outer selection direction of the corona surface is placed on the unwinding frame of the slitter, and the steel core is clamped by the control button, leaving the steel core support arm and driving.


When there is no film on the coil cutting machine, it is necessary to carry out the film during the operation. Using the slitting machine through the membrane device and the function keys, one end of the original membrane is attached to the membrane chain eyelet, and the membrane button is activated to distribute the membrane along the slitting process to be evenly distributed on each roller.


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