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Sheet metal slitting machine advantages

Wuxi Puxin Machinery Factory | Updated: Mar 09, 2018

Sheet metal slitting machine is a kind of processing equipment commonly used in the process of sheet metal processing. It mainly plays the role of slitting material to make it reach the shape or size, and meet the requirements of further processing. The reason why the sheet metal slitting machine can do this is bound to have an extraordinary place.


Sheet metal slitting machines can slit all kinds of roll materials in sheet metal processing. Because it uses microcomputer control, the whole process is fully automated, including automatic feeding, cutting, discharging, and entering the next one. Processes, etc., greatly simplify the work process and improve work efficiency.


During the operation of the sheet metal slitting machine, the meter or diameter control mode can be selected; in addition to the touch screen operation, the operation of the device is very simple, and one person can operate multiple machines, saving labor costs. The sensor installed in the sheet metal slitter can sense and display the fault point at any time to eliminate the fault.


Every shaft in the sheet metal slitter has undergone dynamic balance and static balance to ensure the stability of high-speed operation, effectively reduce the impact on the bearing, greatly increase the service life of the bearing, and ensure the cutting-off. The flatness of the product


In addition, from the aspect of appearance, the sheet metal slitting machine is beautiful and generous, and the whole sheet metal shield is used as a safety protection measure; the super wall panel is stable at high speed and provides a good beginning for sheet metal processing.



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