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Sheet metal slitting machine maintenance precautions

Wuxi Puxin Machinery Factory | Updated: Apr 08, 2018

Sheet metal slitting machine is mainly used for slitting all kinds of large-volume metallic materials to obtain equipment with different specifications of narrow strips. Usually, the sheet metal slitter is installed in a place where the temperature is proper, dry, ventilated, and the light is good and convenient to operate. Also notice daily maintenance.


Next, we will introduce the issues that need attention to daily maintenance. First, before using the sheet metal slitting machine, the main components of the sheet metal slitting machine need to be inspected and lubricated. Secondly, if disassembly is required, special tools should be used to disassemble and complete the installation in the correct order.


It is important to remember that during the period of use, it is also necessary to carry out a comprehensive cleaning and inspection of the sheet metal slitting machine on a regular basis depending on the usage. If you do not use for a long time, you need to wipe clean all the shiny surface, apply anti-rust oil, cover the plastic cover to cover the machine. If it is disabled for more than 3 months, it should be covered with moisture-proof paper; after the work is completed, carefully clean the equipment, wipe the exposed friction surface clean, add lubricant.


In the routine maintenance process, the following points should be made about the maintenance of the sheet metal slitting machine:


1. Before the sheet metal slitting machine is turned on, it is necessary to perform cleaning and inspection first to eliminate hidden dangers in time.


2. The slitting work of the sheet metal slitting machine is accomplished by means of a slitting machine and a cross cutting machine, so it is necessary to configure a suitable slitting knife and a cross cutting knife.


3, the daily maintenance of sheet metal slitting machine to be in place, the basic requirements are: smooth, clean, liquidation (dust-free, no debris) in place to ensure that the sliding parts of the equipment in good condition.


4. During the maintenance period, the rotating parts of the sheet metal slitting machine should be inspected regularly, and regular adjustments should be made, and the commutators should be changed regularly and carefully recorded to achieve the purpose of extending the service life of the equipment.


5, to improve the technical quality and extent of the operation of the sheet metal slitting machine, on the sheet metal cutting machine to control the local operations to do someone to do, did not agree that no one can operate on their own.



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