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Silicon steel slitting mechanism on the comparisons and components of the instructions

Wuxi Puxin Machinery Factory | Updated: Jan 13, 2018

Silicon steel slitting machine, which belongs to the metal slitting machine. The metal slitting machine, the specific classification, is a thin material metal slitting machine, thick material metal slitting machine and thick material metal slitting machine these three. Different points of the machine, which corresponds to the use of the area, is not the same.


Metal Slitting Machine is mainly a feeding car, uncoiler, school machine, slitting machine, waste edge winding machine, tensioning machine, winding machine and discharge device and other components. The silicon steel slitting machine, which is a kind of metal slitting machine, so, its main components, is the same with the metal slitting machine.


Silicon steel slitting machine, the composition of the notice, mainly has the following, is:

The base of silicon steel slitting machine is generally made of steel and steel plate welded, and, after a qualitative treatment.

On the device, there are also activities and fixed the arch of the points, however, no matter what, there are 2 welded steel plate, and after the aging treatment.

Silicon steel slitting machine in the shaft, is drilled by the 40Cr, and into the quenching and other processing. In addition, on the arbor, it is the diameter, effective length and other important parameters. Beating on the knife shaft, the general provisions of not more than 0.02mm, the amount of shoulder beating, it can not be greater than 0.01mm. In addition, the knife shaft locking, the nut is usually used to achieve.


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