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Slitting machine cleaning

Wuxi Puxin Machinery Factory | Updated: Jun 22, 2017

For use in slitting machine, we must pay attention to the daily inspection, weekly inspection, and monthly inspection.Daily inspection is daily checking for us, when we usually use slitting machine, there must be some matters need attention.


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Daily inspection: before the first day of work, we must first preheat the machine, and when we are preheated, should pay attention to the noise, if there is noise, we should put the machine to stop immediately, then you can find some technical workers overhaul of our machines directly, for the final after work every day. We must pay attention to the machine for cleaning, make sure the equipment is clean..
Check the oil pipe in the oil tank of the slitting machine to see if it is normal and whether it can be used properly. Simply speaking, check the oil quality to see if it is normal.
The distribution box slitting machine, we need to check it is not what if there is debris debris into our tank, according to the presence of impurities in a number of every six months or a year to conduct a clean-up.
For some of the bearings of the motor, but also in time for refueling, for this kind of work, at least once a year.
For the coupling of the slitting machine motor, when it happens to wear, we should promptly find professional staff to replace it directly.
Slitting machine is an expensive large machine, so in the process of using, must remember daily and monthly check it, in order to avoid excessive loss of machine to shorten the service life of the machine.


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