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Slitting machine knife grinding crack should be how to prevent?

Wuxi Puxin Machinery Factory | Updated: Jul 01, 2017

Because of the high hardness, brittleness, poor thermal conductivity and high thermal contraction rate, the diamond grinding wheel should be adopted as the best for grinding. But diamond grinding wheel is expensive and difficult to be repaired after wearing, many factories still use ordinary grinding wheel to grind. So, how can we prevent or reduce the longitudinal cutting machine grinding cracks? Next, let's give you a brief introduction.

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Metal Coil Slitting Line

The general process step at this stage of the knife rod rigid, blade clamping instability, spindle beating and so may lead to occurrence of grinding cracks in machining system, by machine, grinding wheel, fixture and points of the blade which should have sufficient rigidity, and should control the grinding wheel axial and radial runout caused slitting machine grinding crack occurred in many cases, as long as the choice of the grinding wheel at the same time, the adoption of the grinding process to prevent cracks, improve the grinding quality.

The grinding wheel vibration of the blade was hit by load, prone to crack, can adopt negative grinding method, slitting machine directly on the strength enhancement, or to strengthen the longitudinal shearing machine vibration, there is an increase of its ability to withstand attack load. The grinding area Shashi heating and cooling strength may span longitudinal shearing machine and hot crack, by increasing the heating area, so as to reduce or prevent the emergence of crack.


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