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Slitting Machine Operation Notes

Wuxi Puxin Machinery Factory | Updated: Jul 31, 2017

With the increasingly wide range of application of the splitting machine, we have to pay special attention to the operation of the slitting machine. This will prevent our separator from appearing in one or the same way when it is being used, thus affecting the efficiency of our production. For the notes of the slitting machine, we can divide it into three parts before operation, operation and after operation.
Precautions before operation:
The gears in the machine, the fuel tank, and its motors, etc., need to be checked directly to see if they can operate properly. Of course, for other parts, to check whether there are problems, if there is abnormal circumstances, we should check it in time to repair.
Matters needing attention in operation:
For machine operators, be sure to wear protective equipment before work. At the same time, in the process of work, operators should comply with the corresponding rules and regulations, and strictly implement, in order to ensure the safety of themselves and operations. When the bar machine is running, the staff can not touch its rotating parts and its blades, etc., and can not do some dangerous actions.
Attention after operation:
After the operation, we should cut off the power supply of the equipment in time, and then thoroughly clean and clean the equipment. The blade of the slitting machine also needs to be checked to see if there is any foreign object on it, and if so, it should be removed in time.

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