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Slitting silicon steel slitting unit on the electrical control system part

Wuxi Puxin Machinery Factory | Updated: Jan 22, 2018

Speaking of slitting silicon steel slitting unit on the electrical control system part, first of all there will be an uncoiler, is used to open the incoming aluminum coil, providing different types of coil diameter may be under the unwinding tension, for the uncoiler The diameter of the aluminum coil is able to perform real-time calculations, then say, it will be used to control the constant tension of the unwinding section.


Slitting silicon steel slitting unit on the electrical control system part of the pinch roll, is the time to wear the belt to help uncoiler to the aluminum plate to the coiler direction, when the machine will work on the roll up, not Participate in the work, but also the upper roll down to help play the disc cutter to provide unwinding of the forward tension to prevent the disc shears slipping.


Slitting shears in the electrical control system section of slitted silicon steel slitting units are used to take the lead in anticipation of process and operational requirements; looper pits on this system are used to release incoming coil The effect of different internal stresses in the transverse direction on the strip after longitudinal shearing. On its speed roller, that is, take-up section of the linear velocity measurement point, at the same time, that is, pay attention to the coiling coil diameter calculation basis.


The disc shears in the electrical control system section of the slitted silicon steel slitting unit are also the main process equipment for this machine row to perform the longitudinal shearing of the strip and at the same time to cut Excess material on both sides of the aluminum material or the quality of non-compliant parts, so that the left and right ends of the finished product roll meet the quality requirements.


Finally, the electrical control system on slitting silicon steel slitting unit, the main is that it will be used in the black metallurgy among the steel strip, stainless steel or aluminum foil, non-ferrous metallurgy copper copper plate metal and other similar industries Article and the corresponding coiling control system. Because of this Slitting silicon steel slitting machine column speed is relatively high, that is, we should pay attention to the emergence of waste edge coiling improper phenomenon.


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