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Slitting treatment and process design of steel strip slitting machine

Wuxi Puxin Machinery Factory | Updated: Aug 18, 2018

Before the steel strip slitter is turned on, the on-site staff needs to check the lubrication situation first, and conduct sufficient and reasonable lubrication care to check the oil level. In addition, you need to pay attention to view each handle, gear, switch, knob, etc., to keep it in the desired position.

Before starting the relevant equipment, the steel strip slitting machine should first check the pressure conditions of the steel strip slitting machine. Under the normal conditions, the lubricating oil pump and the hydraulic oil pump motor can be started. Then set the parameters of the slitter equipment according to the production requirements, put the prepared coil material into the correct position of the winder, and press the knife seat slide button. Then, adjust the lower cutter as needed to make the seam between the knife edge and the reel of the reel a positive pair, lock the lower knife and adjust the upper cutter shaft.

After the worker puts the discharge shaft of the slitter device into the core of the coil, it is also necessary to keep the inclined coil in the middle position, then tighten the top of the cone at both ends, and place the seasoning roll in the middle position. Next, it is necessary to thread the substrate according to the process design requirements. When the knife is turned, the upper cutter shaft hand wheel is rotated to ensure that the substrate passes through the knife edge smoothly.

After the slitting machine completes the slitting process of the raw material, the winding power will be released, and the rocker arm automatically and smoothly winds the blank to the ground. In the entire production work, the staff also needs to check the quality of the products to ensure that the production requirements are met.


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