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Smooth operation of the hydraulic lifting platform and requirements for the use environment

Wuxi Puxin Machinery Factory | Updated: Aug 02, 2018

The hydraulic lifting platform runs smoothly during the operation. It is very simple and reliable to a certain extent. It has various hydraulic and electrical protections. The cargo transmission is economical and convenient. The lifting object is heavy and safe. Other industries can also be used for delivery.

The model and specifications of the hydraulic lifting platform are specially made according to the requirements of the user. The whole product has firm structure and large carrying capacity, stable lifting, simple and convenient installation and maintenance, and is an ideal cargo conveying equipment for economical and practical alternative low-floor elevators.

The hydraulic lifting platform can effectively select different working table surfaces according to its installation environment and usage requirements. Choose different optional configurations to achieve a perfect combination to complete the task of lifting objects and achieve better results. Effect.

When the staff is working in the hydraulic lifting platform, it is strictly forbidden to leave the post and wipe, lubricate or repair the hydraulic lifting freight elevator. When the work is completed, the staff should cut off the power supply, lock the control panel before leaving the post, and fill in the record.


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